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Advtech Engineering (KL) Sdn Bhd
Advtech Hose & Engineering Sdn Bhd

mainly specialize in flexible hoses of all types ranging from flexible metal hose, flexible duct hose, flexible industrial rubber hose and much more. We are also Supplier of fittings and couplings in the industry.

Advtech Engineering (KL) Sdn Bhd coverage industrial areas in KL, Selangor and Negeri

Therefore, considering to provide more efficient service for clients at southern areas we decided to move forward setting up another main station in Johor Bahru area and named as Advtech Hose & Engineering Sdn Bhd. We also targeting setting up other stations in each of the city in every states of Malaysia as well. We believe with this business strategy in the soonest time we can be one of the hoses exporter in Malaysia.


  • To specialize in offering a wide range of flexible hoses, including metal hoses, duct hoses, and industrial rubber hoses.
  • To supply high-quality fittings and couplings to the industry.
  • To serve clients in industrial areas of KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, and expand coverage to southern areas with the establishment of Advtech Hose & Engineering Sdn Bhd in Johor Bahru.


  • To become one of the leading suppliers and exporters of flexible hoses, fittings, and couplings in Malaysia.
  • To expand their presence and establish stations in major cities across Malaysia.
  • To provide efficient and reliable services to clients in industrial areas.

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